FINS works hard to tackle to tackle fish welfare issues,

Sometimes these cases are complicated and require a lot of different organisations which can take time to arrange. FINS is currently working on the two projects listed below, generally updates won't be put on here unless there's significant progress.

Fair Prizes

One of the more complicated projects is the issue of goldfish as prizes at fairs and other events. This is a minefield as the number of organisations involved, Whilst the Welfare act 2006 does force fair owners to check the age on prizes it doesn't ban it outright. Local councils have their own legislation on whether to allow it on their public land so its very inconsistent between councils. Private land it is up to the individual landowners. FINS is working on a mutually beneficial arrangement between the fair owners ( which are largely governed by the Showmans Guild of Great Britain), animal welfare organisations and the aquatic trade. FINS are not wanting to cause upset especially as the showmen and women are well respected members of society we are wanting to make sure their livelihoods are not affected.

Public Aquarium

Within the aquatic trade there is a group of fish commonly labelled as 'TankBusters' these are the fisu that are completely unsuitable to be kept in a home aquarium. Many of our public aquariums are actually full of these fish as its illegal to release them into the wild. FINS is wanting to open a new public aquarium in Sheffield to educate the public about these particular fish, In addition we are also looking at a solution to restrict the sales of these fish to the general public.